The 1st Coloring Game Inspired by Zen
Experience real tranquility with Zen Color. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate relaxing and fulfilling gaming experience. Let go of your worries, forget your stress, and finally put your mind at ease by immersing yourself in the world of Zen coloring.
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Experience Zen like never before
Focus on yourself
Experience self-empowerment through Zen coloring and mindful focus practices imbedded throughout gameplay.
Positve Mental Attitude
Experience tranquility day in and day out while playing Zen Color, helping you cultivate positive habits and a peaceful mindset.
Find inner peace
Reconnect with the soothing sounds of Mother Nature for a personalized path to inner peace.
Reduce stress
Unwind from life's pressures through artistic expression and focus on what’s important, not stress. Embrace Zen for total relaxation of body and mind.
Only the Best of the Best
Together with a group of the world's leading artists who are deeply committed to their craft, Zen Color provides flawless artwork for every coloring experience.
Immersive coloring experience
With a team of dedicated color theory specialists, Zen Color is guaranteed to improve your concentration by bringing new hues to your daily life.
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